About Us

Brandnewer is an Australian online retailer company that aim to provide the best solution to your everyday needs in fashion, accessories, shoes and other shopping experience to ensure your first shop with us will be an ongoing long term relationship.

Our mission is to research, source and produce high quality and attractive products suitable for all our customers.  

Our promise to you is that we will deliver on excellent customer service and our commitment to provide the best sourced and produced products that we ourselves would wear and use.   

Our essence at our core means Brandnewer operates on our love for change, individuality, imagination, exclusiveness and confidence.

Brandnewer thank you for dropping by and buying from us. Brandnewer aim to bring all the above to you, your family and friends.  We know you'll be back and when you do, we'll be here to serve you.  Feel free to contact us via our company email, twitter or Instagram 24/7 with any product suggestions or questions.

Happy shopping! We look forward to serving you again soon. :)


Brandnewer company details

A Wholly Australian Owned Company.

ABN: 48795141293

Telephone:+61 450 024 1305

Email: info@brandnewer.com.au