Non-Wired Vs. Underwired Bras — A Complete Analysis by Brandnewer

June 23, 2019

Finding a well-supported brassiere that fits correctly is a challenging job, especially if you are confused between the non-wired and underwired bras. This article will help you with the choices out there. However, many women consider it an endless debate because both non-wired and underwired bras have their own benefits, features and cons. That’s why Brandnewer is going to conduct a thorough analysis and comparison in this article to make our readers aware of everything that they want to know about the underwired and non-wired bras.

What Are Non-Wired Bras?

Non-wired or wireless bras that are also known as “soft cup bras” are usually designed with fabric to give a comfortable feel to ladies. Yes, this kind of shapewear doesn’t contain any sort of rigid material.

Benefits of Using Non-Wired Bras

As we have already said that both kinds of bras have their own advantages and charm and here, we are going to discuss the pros of wearing non-wired bras.

Complete Comfort — Non-wired bras are very comfortable to wear. With comfortable fabric, this kind of shapewear also tries to provide better lift and support to please the wearer.

Good for Skin — Yes, if you are looking for a right brassiere that should be kind on your skin then non-wired bras are the best options. In the same token, usually, wireless bras are made up of cotton and very soft fabric, that’s why they keep you relax and itching free in severe weather conditions as well.

Durable & Easy to Wash — As compared to underwired bras, the absence of wires keeps the wireless bras safe and last longer. Ladies would be also happy to know that it is easy to wash these bras either you wash them with hand or in a washing machine.

Considerably Supportive with the Use of New Technology — With the use of latest fabric technology, non-wired bra producers are trying hard to provide a proper lift and uphold that wasn’t present in old wireless bras.

Cons of Wearing Non-Wired Bras

Of course, with many pros, non-wired bras also have some drawbacks. First of all, if you go with wireless bras then keep in mind, they don’t give the necessary support and lift particularly if you have big breasts. Similarly, wireless bras are not suitable enough for sportswomen who are involved in any physical activities.

What Are Underwired Bras?

Underwired bras are ordinary design to provide excellent support to chest and back, and under the cup of the brassiere, a solid piece of wire is sewn to lift and shape the breasts.

Benefits of Wearing Underwired Bras

There are several benefits of wearing underwired bras that Brandnewer as a lingerie expert is going to share with you. Here we go:

Ultimate Lift & Support — Probably, you have listened that wireless bras also offer right lift and support but the lift and uphold an underwired bra gives that is unmatchable. This wired aid also plays a significant role to avoid shoulder and back pain by providing proper underpin to the chest.

Shaping Quality — Either you are having large breasts or having small-sized boobs, underwired bras can keep them separate. Yes, underwired bras are mainly favourite due to its shaping quality among ladies of all ages.

Flexible & Comfortable Designs due to Modern Technology — Are you avoiding to wear underwired bras due to their rigid design and nonconformable cups then you shouldn’t worry more. With the help of modern technologies, lingerie experts are trying hard to design fully flexible underwired brassieres. Many of them are also available in the market, and here you can see the comfortable underwired collection of Brandnewer as well.

Variety of Colors and Styles — As compared to wireless bras, this kind of shapewear are preferred in the selection of lingerie that ladies mostly buy for honeymoons or before marriage shopping. That’s why underwired bras are available in a variety of styles, designs and colours.

Downsides to Underwired Bra

If we talk about the drawbacks of wearing underwired bras, then the skin irritation comes at the first. In the same token, it could be painful to wear underwired bras, and they are not designed to wear at the bed as well. On the other hand, due to the presence of wires, underwired bras are not as much durable, and you would need to replace them after the use of a few months. Special care is also required while washing such underwired shapewear.

Non-Wired Vs. Underwired Bras — Which One is Right for You

After this thorough analysis, if we conclude, then it is essential to say that selection of the right bra between these two categories depends on the three following factors.

1. Size of Breasts


The women with large breasts need more hold, lift and support; that’s why they should prefer to wear underwired bras because these are compatible as compared to wireless ones. On the other hand, ladies with small chest can wear non-wireless bras as they don’t need much support.

2. Age of Wearer

If you think the age of wearer doesn’t matter, then you are absolutely wrong. After this entire research, we reached to the point that old aged women and teens who are just beginning to sprout should be dressed up with wireless shapewear. For mature and young ladies, it is advised to go with underwired bras to get the perfect shape with decent fitting and lift.

3. When to Wear

Yes, the time to wear bra also matters in the right decision. If you are in the office or going to involve in physical activity then it is suggested to use underwired bras, but in case, you are pregnant or a nursing mom then it is strongly recommended to wear a high-quality wireless bra. Moreover, in summer, it is good to wear a wireless bra, especially if you have skin issues or own sensitive skin. It is better to use non-wired bras for sleeping.

In brief, either you are willing to get an underwired or wireless bra, our honest analysis will guide you in the right manner but keep in mind fitting should be perfect for both kinds of bras.