How to Choose Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

June 23, 2019

At Brandnewer we cater for all shaped body and work with suppliers to select the best products for our customers.  We understand Lingerie has the magic to increase the self-esteem , sex appeal and confidence of women, but picking the right piece is challenging. Women do several things to look beautiful in lingerie, but in actual, they need to know which style, size and fabric would suit them according to their figure. In this article, we are going to educate women of all ages how to choose the right lingerie for their body type.    

Lingerie to Flatter Apple-Shaped Figure

The apple-shaped figure refers to the slim thighs and hips with an ample belly and bust line. So, if you want to flatter an apple-shaped body with lingerie, then you will have to follow the tips below:

V-Shaped Bodysuit — First of all, women with apple-shaped figure should try to get a V-shaped bodysuit as compared to going with conventional panties and bras. As women with this body type have large breasts, that’s why the use of underwired and completely supportive bras would be convenient.

Empire-Waist Gown — Secondly, to increase your body length, the use of empire-waist gowns is also a perfect idea for apple-shaped figure ladies. These gowns will give you an attractive look.

Baby Doll Negligee — We found apple-shaped ladies very shy about their undefined figure so if you are feeling the same then what about wear a baby doll negligee? Yes, the use of baby doll negligee will provide you with the complete coverage over the midsection according to your need.

High Waist Panty with Halter Bra — Yes, it could be another option to consider for apple-shaped ladies. With the use of high waist panties, your belly size will start looking smaller, and halter bra will give the desired lift to your bust.

Lingerie to Flatter Pear-Shaped Figure

If you have fuller hips with the curvy waistline and thin breasts, then your body type would be called a pear-shaped figure. However, you really don’t need to worry more about choosing the right lingerie for your body type because we are going to share our best pieces of advice with you here.

Strapless Chiffon Gown — Yes, our first recommendation is about the use of strapless chiffon gowns that will enhance the appearance of your upper portion of the body and gown will aid to downplay your fuller waist and hips. It is also better to wear padded bras with this lingerie gown.

Wear Lingerie to Highlight Upper Body — Pear-shaped females need to emphasize the attention on their narrowing arms, shoulder and chest that’s why they should try to wear lingerie that push-up the upper portion of the body.

High-Waist Panty with Bandeau — Yes, bandeau will give your breasts a wide look especially if you dress it with high-waisted panties. Hopefully, you will find this lingerie with great ease.

Wear Padded or Ruffles Bra — If you haven’t heard about ruffles bra then just conduct a search over Google, and you will definitely find the bra that we are talking about. To enhance your upper portion of your body, the use of padded or ruffles bra will give you an adulate look with a pear-shaped body.

Lingerie to Flatter Rectangular Figure

If you have a slim body with modest curves, then it means you have a rectangular figure. Here, we are going to discuss the smart tips to flatter a rectangular figure.

Create Dramatic Curves — Yes, you are indeed slim with few curves, but you need to create dramatic curves by wearing lingerie. In this regard, foam-fitting bustier or corsets should be your first choice.

Use of Ruffles — To get curved illusions, you can also use ruffles on both of your top wear and panty. It will surely increase your curves in lingerie.

Push-Up Bras — In the same token, if you dress with wired push-up bras, then you will be also able to draw more attention to the upper body.

Boy-Shorts — If you own a narrow bottom with a rectangular-shaped figure, then the use of boy-shorts is the best option. It will give your breasts area a broader look. The use of a garter belt is also a good idea.

Lingerie to Flatter Hourglass Figure

If you have the same size of hips and breasts then you are having an hourglass figure and to know about lingerie to flatter this body type you would need to follow our suggestions below:

Corset — The best lingerie option that ladies with hourglass shapes must consider is the use of a corset. Yes, a corset will help you to look exciting by enhancing your waistline and giving you a perfect fitting.

Suspender Belt — It would be weird if a lady with an hourglass-shaped figure wouldn’t like to accentuate her belly part. For sure, the use of a suspender belt will assist you in highlighting the waist section of your body in an incredible manner.

High Leg Panty — With hourglass-shaped body, you have chances to live your dream of wearing lingerie garments, and high leg panty is one of them. Yes, high leg panty with a simple underwired bra will look perfect for your body type.

Extra Tips

Ladies who don’t want to highlight their belly should try to wear a loose gown to overcome the focus from the tummy area. It is also good to wear baggy robes around the abdomen to enhance the focus on the legs or chest area.

If you have large breasts, then it is better to go with underwired and fully support bra, but in the case of small breasts, it is preferred to wear push up bras or corsets to get an exciting look.

Similarly, if you are short in height, then it is suggested to wear a lingerie gown with slits. Yes, slits help the shorter people to look taller. However, you can also use short dresses in this regard. On the contrary, if you are taller then again, it is fine to wear short lingerie gown because it will enhance your beauty and you shouldn’t be afraid to show off your long legs.

In short, this article tried to cover all body types and provided the best suggested to flatter all kind of figures with lingerie. Now, it’s your turn to shop the right lingerie according to your body type. To search such exciting lingerie pieces, you can also visit our lingerie collection.